I'm Lovin' It

Rachel McAdams look for the Morning Glory premiere.  Love her hair, love the dress, love the makeup, love her...need I go on?

This incredible My Heart Necklace By Boe.  It's a little bit rustic, a little bit girly and a whole lot of lovely.

(photo courtesy of Richie)

Be prepared to learn of my major obsession with anything and everything Trader Joe's!  This Pumpkin Ice Cream "accidentally" made it into my TJ's basket this past weekend and I accidentally had not one but two bowls of it.  It is divine in absolutely every single way.  I want to top it with some crushed graham crackers and whip cream the next time around.  This stuff is dangerous...consider yourself warned.

A few weeks back in Solvang, we did a tasting at the phenomenal Vineyard Riverbench and though it was my third tasting of the day and I may have had a serious buzz, I do NOT regret my purchase of the Govino Shatterproof Recyclable Stemless Wine Glasses-Set of 4.  My roomie and I were just saying we wished we had "to go" wine glasses for walks at night with the dog and wouldn't you just know that these babies are all that and more.  These glasses would make a great gift for anyone come this holiday season, and to spruce it up, why not add a bottle of buttery goodness alongside of it with the Riverbench 2008 Chapel View Chardonnay.  Easily one of the best Chardonnays I have ever tasted (and I have tasted a lot  few). 


Marge said...

I heart Rachel and that ice cream looks redonk!!!

Danielle said...

ohhh love those glasses!

Anonymous said...

AH!! I *LOVE* me some Rachel McAdams. She's on my 'girl crush' list. Love her!

And I have a special, special place in my heart for pumpkin ice cream. I look forward to it every year. YUM!!

Studio 13 said...

I adore Rachel McAdams too... so classy :) And I agree about the "go to" wine glasses... I have a china cabinet full of nice ones that I've never used... I just pull out the cheap ones every time! I will def check those out. Thanks for the idea!

Studio 13 said...

Ok, I just checked them out, and they have a THUMB GROOVE?! Sign me UP! {Wishing my bridesmaid had one like this when she dropped her glass in the middle of our wedding toast! ;) }

Cara said...

LOVE rachel's look!

Holly said...

i just started a rapid 14 kickstart to a "diet" and talks of wine and pumpkin ice cream is killing me!
must go brew a cup of candy cane green tea :)

amy b.s. said...

i'm loving what you love!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

That pumpkin ice cream sounds DIVINE. I am tempted to buy but scared I will be come addicted! lol

Chiara said...

LOVING the stemless glasses, I´ve been meaning to get some for a while!!
Are they hard to hold?


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