Drug Store Beauty Booty

As much as I love shopping at Sephora, Apothica, and any department store beauty counter, the stuff adds up fast and leaves my bank account quite drained.  I thought I would share some of my latest drug store products that will still leave you with a little left for drinks out with the girls or boy. 

I bought the CVS version of the Aveeno Skin Brightener Daily Scrub and I really enjoy it.  You can use it everyday and your skin doesn't feel red or raw or like you left half of it in the drain.  I told B once it felt like little fingers massaging my face when I used it and he agreed, but instead said it felt like little angels massaging your face.  You be the judge.

My allergies have been an absolute nightmare lately (see below) and sometimes my skin feels extra itchy and irritated.  Sweet relief has been provided to me by St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Moisturizing Body Wash.  The scent is oh so yummy and leaves your skin silky, moisturized and best of all - not itchy! 

Did I also mention that a big bottle will run you less than $3?  I got mine on sale for $1.89!  I have a travel size of the lotion and it is equally awesome and worth purchasing for under $5.

Santa (AKA my beauty savvy mother) left Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum in my stockings this past Christmas and said it had been in all the beauty magazine and received rave reviews.  I have been using the serum every morning under my daily moisturizer and will say that while I haven't necessarily noticed any actual changes to my skin, I do love the added protection it provides against LA's toxic air. 

I read the reviews and most buyers only have positive things to say about it.  Perhaps the key is to use it both in the AM and the PM to see results... I am on the fence whether I should buy it again.

I have not purchased face powder in a really long time and I have to admit I am kind of clueless about what works well and what I need.  I love Smashbox's Halo Powder because it doesn't leave my skin flaky and dry and actually hydrates your skin throughout the day.  I don't love spending $60 on the product (but I do think it is still the best product on the market and worth it) and opted to try Revlon's Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup which is pretty much a dream.  

It comes with it's own brush in the lid and feels like you are putting on liquid makeup and yet it is powder.  The formula is oddly refreshing and a steal of a deal at $11.  I like to use this powder on the weekends without any tinted moisturizer and it provides great coverage and simple, dewy glow that we all desire.  When I use it during the work week, I only apply it on my nose and chin as it seems to sometimes fall into my wrinkles in my forehead instead of floating on top of them.  

I saw this tube of L'Oreal Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara at CVS (they really have a great beauty rewards program FYI) before I even heard of the product or saw the Beyonce commercial.  Mascara that makes my eyes sparkle, done and done. 

I opted to go the safe route and purchased the Black Crystal (Black with gun metal gray shimmer).  Unfortunately I didn't notice anything dramatic adding the sparkle and it most definitely did not turn out as the commercial promises.  The base mascara is a great mascara for everyday however and having the option to spice it up for a night out isn't too shabby of an idea.  Miss K did a much better review of the product with pictures and everything, if you are on the fence, head over there and see what you think.  After I read her review I think I may try out a bolder shimmer end next time. 

Last but most certainly not least, my trusty Zyrtec has saved my life the past two weeks.  The rain has stirred up every ounce of dust or pollen that I am allergic to and left me miserable and out of it.  Sweet Zyrtec has provided me some relief and the ability to not miss a day of work (although I did miss a Saturday night out). 


Danielle said...

my body doesnt do well with abrupt changes in weather. I have itchy eyes, headaches, and want to cry.

I also have been reading ALOT lately about the revlon color stay collection..I am tempted to give it a try as well. and who wouldnt want angels massaging their face!

jillian m. said...

ha! i don't know if i'd say it feels like little angels washing my face, but it's definitely close!

i've tried the aveeno version, but not the cvs. i'm really glad to hear that it works well because the aveeno tends to err on the expensive side. cvs brand it is! thanks!

amy b.s. said...

i've been wanting to try the shimmery mascara for a while. i think i'll still give it a go, but now i won't have my hopes up so high!

Miss K said...

I LOVE good drugstore finds!

I've been hearing tons of good stuff about the Revlon ColorStay line and think i'll give it a whirl.

Thanks for the shoutout, I've heard others say the same about the basic black for all eyes.

My skin has been a nightmare this season and Dove Bodywash has helpd with the itching amazingly

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I'm heading to Miss K's blog post...very curuous about that mascara! i almost bought it but was like ehhh.

atos said...

I second your St. Ives lotion recommendation. Used it throughout the winter and it works so well, without being greasy or smelly. I suffer from spring allergies as well, so I feel your pain. The Zyrtec does help, but its not a complete fix for me. The beginning of spring is such a miserable time for me.

Holly said...

im excited to try the skin brighting daily scrub. every facial ive ever had the ladies tell me of the dangers of using st ives apricot face scrub (it literally cuts your face opening you up for worse things) and its nice to hear about more gentle scrubs!

Nicole Marie said...

i'm so happy zyrtec is over the counter now. it works wonders

FaeLove said...

cute blog! thanks for the lovely comment and for sharing. i love aveeno and i've found that their hair products have actually become my favorite. winner of even over pantene!



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