Forever Frugal Friday

Last weekend I hit up Forever for some new additions to the closet and walked out with three pieces that I am quite pleased with (including this top I posted about last week - love it!).

I brought home this Retro Swing Dress dress which I would have never given a second glance at had Miss Cassie not passed it under the dressing room door to me.  Turns out I LOVE the simplicity and ease of this dress.  I am planning to sport this little dress with a new camel braided belt from H&M and my Steve Madden Intyce boots and most likely my new fave Unisex Striped Circle Scarf from American Apparel. 

I cannot wait for spring to arrive!


nicole said...

love the simplicity of this dress! i have a few super colorful belts it would look cute with-

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

omg! i wanted to buy it online!! i was curious on the 1- see thru ness (is it see thru)? and 2- size. do you mind sharing what size you got and how you think it fits?? thanks!


Lyndsy said...

Jaime - I got a size small and it fits pretty accurately. As far as sheerness goes you definitely need to wear nude undies, and I think it seems fine on top :) I say go for it!

designstiles said...

I love white dresses. This one looks so comfy and can easily go from Spring to Summer. I think I may just have to but it too!

Cindy said...

Ah! I actually found your blog because I was searching for more information about the tiered scalloped skirt from Forever21, and when I clicked on your home page, I saw that you bought the retro swing dress, which I bought last week because it was a cheaper and simpler alternative to Anthropologie's Quiet Blush Dress. I'm now a follower, you have great taste (;


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