Put Your Mind To It Go For It...

Get down and break a sweat, is exactly what I do whenever I attend Circuit Works.

Last month I mentioned that I had purchased a Groupon to Circuit Works in Venice in order to make my mantra come true.  Two Thursdays ago I hit up the Abbot Kinney location with my girl Christy and let me just tell you this work out kicked my ass!

This hour long class combines, weightlifting, spinning and treadmill running all together in 40 second intervals.  You never stop for an hour. 

I have now attended 3 classes (make it 4 after tonight) and I absolutely have a love/hate relationship with this workout.  I love how hard I work, how sweaty I get, the loud music and the workers.  I hate how sweaty and red-faced I get, as well as the bruises I leave class with hopping on and off the spin bikes. 

Circuit Works is so motivating and I leave class feeling energized and good about myself and I leave knowing that I just worked it out. 

This is Raphael Verela, the man who developed Circuit Works and teaches my Saturday 8:15 AM class.  The class that I almost threw up in this past Saturday.  He is a bit of drill sergeant but extremely motivating and full of smiles once class is over.  He just better never see you walking to your next station (heed my warning)...

If you live in LA and are needing that extra boost to get your fitness routine in motion I really would suggest trying Circuit Works as it has fully given me a new take on exercise.  They have 2 locations, one in Brentwood that my girl Spry attends and another in Venice on Abbott Kinney.  Added bonus, your first class is FREE!  Why not try it out? 

Also a special shout out to my girl Christy for being my loyal workout companion - I wouldn't be as motivated without you!  Project Hot Bod starts now!!


Amber's Notebook said...

cool!! I am a groupon addict I love that site!
Amber's Notebook

Chiara said...

Sounds Intense!!!
I love groupon, I just bought a paragliding activity with them.... only thing is that I am afraid of heights.... I still have 3 months to redeem it.... we shall see...

Miss K said...

I love groupon! what an awesome class, i may or may not have passd out trying to do it! can't wait to hear more about it on Sunday!


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