Song Of The Week: Dance A$$ (Remix)


I had heard it a few times on the radio before and thought it was okay, but when "Dance A$$ (Remix)" played at Circuit Works last Monday night I was hooked and can't stop singing the very inappropriate song and sing it every where (including my office - not a good idea). 

Love the MC Hammer sampling, love Nicki Minaj's lyrics, especially...

 "Y-y-you f-ckin’ little whores, fu-f-ckin’ up my decors. 
Couldn’t get Michael Kors if you was f-ckin’ Michael Kors"

You'll either love it or hate it.  Currently I am love, love, loving it.  Also love, love, loving that it is November tomorrow!  I heart Thanksgiving!!

1 comment:

Jamieofalltrades said...

kind of the perfect song for nicki minaj...she's got some booty!


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