Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself - February

so i had a bad february, it's in the past and time to move along.  my resolutions took a bit of a dip in accomplishments, but i thought it best to document it regardless and aim to get back on track and kick ass this march (and the rest of the year for that matter)!

goal #1 ~ workout 75% of each month
results:  worked out 15 of 29 days = 52%

goal #2 ~ stick to a pure, healthy, clean diet
results:  i slipped a bit this month.  birthday and surgery mostly to blame.  i would say i followed the paleo diet about 60% of the month.

goal #3 ~ save, save, save!
results:  well, i did try to save and didn't splurge on any new items, but the unexpected cost of two new tires (at $200 a piece) did not help with my savings plan.

goal #4 ~ travel
results:  no travel this month.

goal #5 ~ take more pictures
results:  did a pretty good job last month capturing pictures, below are a few of my faves from the month (follow me on instagram @lyndsylee)

new b*day bracelet from girlies at work
b*day blooms that made me smile

b*day wishlist item completed courtesy of b
absolutely incredible bruch (twice!) this month at mb post with carebear, live.to.the.point.of.tears, sweet nothings, and this is not your life.

got to see mrs r - twice this month!  what a treat!
sweet b

the morning after my b*day collection

finally got to try ink. - awesome experience

my new pumped up kicks from mom, dad & sister that i designed!

pinz in studio city - bowled the best game of my life!

incredible sunset from my work parking lot - gosh i love california!

waldo just knows how to melt my heart
greatest invention ever

embracing coffee and pastels one early monday morning

goal #6 ~ read a book a month
results:  got through 37% of a place of yes - now much finish that book in march as well as another.  must remember to stop watching televsion so much and start reading. 

my results for february are nothing to be too proud of, but they are reminders for what i need to fix in order to suceed this march and the rest of the year. 

how are your goals going? 


Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a bad month, my Feb was pretty shitty too. I think you're doing great on your goals though! Those sneaks are awesome and I'm so jealous you got to go to ink. I love me some MVolt!!!
I'm looking for you now on Instagram

Trishelle said...

Hey! Just wanted to say I love your blog.:)

Miss Sweet Tea said...

I think you did just fine on your goals! There's always room for a little leeway. I'm sorry you had the tire problems and other issues. I'm hoping March is better for you!

I love all of your pictures! Your birthday presents are fabulous!

I'm now following you on Instagram. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't make all your goals last month. It looks like your birthday celebrations were fun and love all those pics!!

Miss K said...

doing well on your goals! can't wait to see you this weekend!

Danielle said...

you stuck to a lot desipite a shit month!

cant wait for saturday-eat healthy diet be damned

Nicole Marie said...

that copa de vino looks awesome!!! why didn't i think of that!

Holly said...

that sunset is STUNNING!!

and i love your collection of bracelets :)


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