Song Of The Week: Silver Lining

i have become completely addicted to spotify and have sort of abandoned pandora lately.  i love the ability to rewind a song, and play any song that i want immensely and create my own playlists that i can listen to any time i want to without spending a penny!  what i don't love is having to pay a monthly fee to access spotify on my mobile devices. 

welcome back pandora.  free music on my phone makes my mornings getting ready at b's all the more enjoyable.  especially when they introduce me to a 5 years old song by rilo kiley called "silvery lining" which i have been singing and swaying to since i first heard it last week (added to spotify "rando" playlist immediately). 

first things first...lead singer jenny lewis starred in two of my fave movies as a youngster (troop beverly hills and the wizard), second, she used to date jake gyllenhaal, and third, she call really sing. 

this song is a great "f*ck you" song to help you (or your gf) get over a breakup.  it's about self worth and not settling and it's packaged up all sweet and melodic with a great last lyric of  "but now i'm gold" and i just love it (even if it is 5 years later)!


JAG said...

i absolutely luv your music pics! thanks again!!!

Holly said...

oh how i love this song. this whole album is actually one of my favorites. SO many damn good songs on the whole thing.


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