Major Douchebag

i hate to start a monday with a downer post, but thought it best to share the above picture of the douchebag who stole my phone on saturday. 

the picture above is from the security camera at the bar which caught the thief above take my phone right off the table when my back was turned.  what allowed this dbag to feel entitled to steal something that wasn't his, is beyond me.

so i feel it only fair to share this dbag's face with all of you and also let this dbag know that your picture has been circulated around main street santa monica and you are a piece of sh*t.

i am lucky that my phone will be replaced and at the end of the day, it is just a phone.  but pieces of sh*t like the guy above, do not deserve to get away and deserve their actions to be shared with all. 

i want to thank all the nice employees of o'briens for helping me track down the thief above!


Miss Sweet Tea said...

Oh no! That is so terrible, Lyndsy. I am so sorry this happened to you! I was really hoping that brighter days were on their way for you! If I see this guy, I'll be sure to kick his butt!!!

Danielle said...

oh babe! props to obriens for digging up security tape.

Courtney said...

Ugh- that is SO irritating and violating! I'm so sorry. Hopefully they can catch the jerk.

Brittany said...

So sorry! I hope they catch him!

Miss K said...

ohmygosh! that's horrible! i'm so sorry love!

Felecia Ward said...

Another member of the asshole patrol! Happy you retrieved your phone. I take all my blog pics with my phone, then upload to dropbox, so there would be a major A.P.B out to retrieve HIM!


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. This guy looks like a certified member of the douchebag toolbox team. Good for you for calling him out. I love that the restaurant helped you out with the surveillance tape!

Lynne said...

Again Lynds I am so sorry. This douchebag has got some bad karma coming his way.

Erin said...

I have a feeling he will be caught and karma is a bitch and is going to bite him in the ass very soon! I'm so sorry Lynds!


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