Song Of The Week: Heartbeats

i am loving my free sirius xm subscription (that is set to expire april 3rd - boo)!  i keep finding all these great new/old songs that i just can't get enough of. 

"heartbeats" is smooth and sexy and reminds me a little of summertime and the xx.  the beginning of the video makes me want to wear shorts and skateboard all around venice and be a hip skater kid (although i am pretty sure i would break my knees and not be so hip at all). 

i am pretty sure if you don't already love this song, you will love it immediately after listening.

 so good.


Sara said...

I'm obsessed with this song!

alexeliz89 said...

Check out the version of this song by Jose Gonzalez! I could listen to it over and over again all day! And Ellie Goulding covers Jose Gonzalez's version and its even better. Search for it on youtube!


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