Song Of The Week: Bait a Hook

best way to describe my attitude today.  had a great weekend, and yet feeling just meh, today.  i'm blaming the gloomy gray outside my window. 

which is why i am thankful for some good ole country music to help kick me out of my funk. 

justin moore's "bait a hook" does just that.

perhaps it was the abundance of stagecoach photos on facebook my friends posted, but all i really want to listen to today is some country.  this song makes me laugh with lyrics like,

"I heard he's got a Prius, 'cause he's into bein' green
My buddies said he saw y'all, eatin' that sushi stuff"

maybe i have been living in l.a. too long but this guys doesn't sound so bad to me?

good fun country music.  helps turn my meh into a yay!


Miss K said...

i felt that way too today, just wasn't ready to come back to work!

jaimie michelle said...

My favorite part of this song is the end: "You're mad and irritated, I've seen you irritated, I'm telling you. Better him than me actually."

Makes me smile every time!!

Have a good week!


Danielle said...

i vaguely remember this song being sung.....


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