Get Your Nog On

A few weeks back, my girlfriend Erin sent an interesting article on Silk Nog. As a lover of soy milk and eggnog, I was overjoyed by the combination of the two.

I purchased my Silk Nog at the grocery store and couldn't wait to get home and try it out. Upon pouring my first glass, I noticed immediately that it was a lot thinner than normal eggnog (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). At first sip this nog definitely had similarities to regular eggnog (spicey,nutty), but after a couple of gulps I wanted to be done with it. I figured that if it tasted alright alone, it would probably taste excellent with coffee.


In the month of December I always bring a quart of lite nog to work and heat up a little bit before adding my daily cup of coffee. It is a cheap alternative to an eggnog latte and quite a treat to start off the morning. I added the Silk Nog to my daily cup of coffee as I always do and took my first gulp of coffee...BLECH! It did not taste good. In fact I dumped the cup down the drain, and walked over to Starbucks for an authentic eggnog latte. I tried not to judge too hastily, and decided to try it again this morning. The verdict...BLECH again!

I think I will stick with my lite eggnog from Trader Joes and leave the Silk Nog for other noggins.


Lindsay said...

Good to know, I almost bought it last week. I'll stick with the regular lite nog!

Erin said...

This shocks me! I actually have not even tried it yet because it's been sold out at QFC everytime I've looked for it. Maybe you could pull some QFC string for me and hook me up with a carton, or maybe not since it does not sound good at atll.


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