Flat lining? Got a lot of stuff to do? Holidays leaving you in a daze? Try Redline Energy Drink!

Now I must advise that I do not enjoy energy drinks at all, mostly because I think they taste disgusting and I never feel like they actually work. Well this drink definitely falls into the disgusting taste (SOOO SWEET!) but I must say after 4 ounces of this drink I was feeling alright (uh-huh).

I had read about this drink originally from an article on Jennifer Love Hewitt, she said she drinks it on set and it gives her energy and a serving of vegetables. I thought, well it is worth a try and was surprised when I found it at my local gas station the same day! I was a little intimidated when the label said, Cautious: Do not drink on an empty stomach, and do not exceed 4 ounces. I figured if Jennifer Love Hewitt can drink it, I am fine! Then the gas station attendant warned me to only drink half and share the rest or save it for the next day. What the hell was I about to put in my body?

Elon and I split a bottle and it tasted just like liquid grape jolly rancher *blech*. Now I am not generally very sensitive to caffeine so for me I felt great for like honestly 6 hours. I wasn't shaking, I wasn't off the wall hyper, and the best part is that I didn't come crashing down. Instead I was pleasantly alert and not tired at all.

My verdict is that this stuff is awesome taken in small quantities and if you are not sensitive generally to caffeine. If you need that extra boost, this is the drink for you!


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