Wino Wednesday

This is another wonderful sparkling wine that we sampled at our wine tasting party that scored very highly (mostly 5's and a few 3's). This was also Coco+Kelley's favorite bubbly from the evening. This sparkler is very different from the Yellow Tail Sparkling White Wine that we are also serving at our wedding. This one is not as fruity or sweet, but still bubbly and yummy. It has much more of a bitter/crisp taste but in a good way, and it comes from France which makes it feel a little more authentic.

Elon and I were recommended this sparkling wine by a very helpful worker at BevMo in Torrance. I was not disappointed and at $9.99 a bottle, I don't think you will either. Next on my list to try is their Rose, which I hear is incredible. Stay tuned.....

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