Not Your Ordinary Panty!

Every Christmas my Mom puts an array on undies in my stocking (naughty Santa!) and I used to hate it. But as undies get more and more expensive, I look forward to this little tradition now. Below are some undies that will excite your stocking, dress up your gift wrapping, and allow you to listen to your I-Pod?

These Panty Pops from Victoria's Secret are SO FUN! I bought a bunch for my girlfriends and attached them to the wrapping paper as a decoration that looks good enough to eat, but also super sweet!

If you like to match your cami to your panty then the Victoria's Secret Cami & Panty Cone is for you! This sweet set will go right to your bottom, but in a good way!

Wanna be like Britney ala Crossroads and dance around in your undies? Well don't worry, with the Let's Play Panty you can listen to your I-Pod in your undies and see if Clive Davis comes calling.

Got a hot date that might last till late? Get your Panty to Go-Go and head out the door. These are my personal favorite, because the box is adorable, and the fringe is out of this world.

For the friend who LOVES anything and everything Juicy pick up them up a pair of these adorable Lollipop Boyshorts. While they are a little pricier than the Victoria's Secret ones, I also think they are a lot cuter!

Oh how I hope that Santa brings these delectable Juicy Couture 'Cupcake Couture' Boyshort Set to me this Christmas morning. I absolutely HEART cupcakes and these boy shorts are almost too cute to open. You could buy all three for someone or break the package down for all those sweet.

All these undies are sure to be a hit for whoever receives them, and also whoever sees them!

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