On a Whim....

Inspired by With this Ring's post last Friday, I was on a mission this past weekend to find cute trays for the place cards. I immediately tried to purchase some trays from The Macbeth Collection but unfortunately they wouldn't have shipped out for 21 days, and since we are beginning to run out of time Macbeth was no longer an option.
I looked everywhere for trays that would hold 125 place cards, were cute and also reusable. Well, as always Target could do no wrong. Cynthia Rowley's new line Whim for Target, had me giggling and sighing in the aisles of the store. I purchased three of these Melamine Serving Trays in the fruit print. I am in LOVE with the bright colors, and of course the pink lemons!
I also purchased three of these Melamine Pink Lemonade Plates, I just was so giddy with excitement about the pink lemon I didn't even think what I would do with these. At $2.99 a plate though, I wasn't all that concerned.

The best thing about both of these items is that not only were they totally affordable, but also completely reusable. They had them in a variety of color combinations and even if you aren't getting married, any items from the collection would jazz up your summer BBQ's. Smart wedding shopping makes me so happy!


Darci said...

I am glad you found some trays! Those are adorable.

Lynne said...

Very cute. I love that this will add something unique to your wedding & you can use it again. Good find

Shelby said...



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