Wino Wednesday: Two Days Late

Oh my! I tell you people aren't kidding when they say time flies the last few weeks before your wedding. Not only have I been swamped with REAL work, but also finalizing wedding things. Sorry about that. I was so busy that I forgot to pick up a bottle of wine to sample for this week, so Elon and I walked Waldo up to our local quickie station in the Marina. After much debating over what type of Chardonnay we should pick up (after all this was our first dinner together in 6 weeks) we selected this Wente Chardonnay priced at $11.99.

It was quite good and Elon and I had no problem finishing the bottle with our fantastic Chilean Sea Bass he grilled up for us. Very smooth, with just the slightest bit of tart and crispness at the end. It has strong notes of vanilla, a beautiful light straw color, and nice legs to go with it. I would definitely say go try out a bottle, perfect for those summer nights ahead!

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