Random Thought Part II

I just purchased these delicious and somewhat nutritious Goldfish® Whole Grain Crackers. While I enjoyed them immensely, I was a bit dumbfounded as to why exactly they chose to have a fish riding a bike on the cover.

I questioned my fellow coworker Lindsay and she said, "maybe they are trying to encourage fitness amongst the youngsters?" Hmm...that could very well be the case but at the same time isn't it a bit disturbing that we are encouraging children to believe that a fish can ride a bike?

I know, random and weird that these are the things that run through my head, but it kind of really bugs me. In any case, the crackers are quite good, and I guess that is what is really important.

1 comment:

Lynne said...

LOL!It could be showing safety to kids since he is wearing a helmet :)


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