Gift Giving #12: Wrapped with Love in a Robe

I received a very cute, short white terry cloth bathrobe from my parents my junior year of college. That puppy traveled with me from Pullman (2000), to Washington to both of my apartments in California (2008). It was still intact (barely) but had been washed one too many times and with items that bled in the washer. No longer white, no longer new, it was tattered and in desperate need of retirement. One day shopping at Bloomingdale's I noticed this adorableHoneydew Striped Robe (see below) and since it was on sale, I plucked it up and brought it home to me. Let’s just say that the new robe did not go unnoticed by my friends.

This bathrobe is not only ultra feminine but it is so soft and cute enough to answer the door in.

Stripes too bold for your giftee? How about a Robe fit for a queen, princess or whatever royalty you are purchasing for. This Juicy Couture Gift Robe is ruffles, and terry and embroidered – Oh My!

Arden B’s Ruffle Edge Robe is similar to the Honeydew Robe but all solid and all out cute!

Now if terry cloth is just not warm enough for your lucky friend, this Fleecy Little Robe from Victoria’s Secret should definitely do the trick.

Enjoy, stay warm and learn from me…tattered robes are just wrong in so many ways!



Shelby said...

Love, love, love them! Especially the top 2! XOXO

Colour Me Happy said...

Love those robes but I can never wear the short ones cause of where I live. The striped one I would buy for sure!

Glassford Hill Girl said...

The striped one is so freaking cute! I love (want) it!

Erin said...

I'm honestly not a robe girl, but if I were I would defintely have asked for one of those for Christmas. Can't wait to see you!!

Stacie919 said...

My fave is #1!!! I love a cozy robe! XO

Lyndsy said...

Glad you all love them!

Anne said...

The Juicy Robe is the best. It is so soft and so lush!

Thanks for posting!


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