Song Of The Week: All I Want For Christmas Is You

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

It just wouldn't be the holidays to me if I didn't listen to this song at least 50 times! Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You has definitely withstood the test of time and even though it is relatively a new song (1994) it has become quite a Christmas/Holiday classic. Whether it is watching that cute girl sing it in Love Actually, listening in my car or hearing it at the mall for the 10th time that day...all I want is this song!!

What are your favorite Holiday songs? What am I missing out on? Please share as I am one of those Christmas Music Freaks and want to make sure that there isn't a song I don't know. (Warning: Christmas Shoe lovers need not apply)


Jackie said...

This is most definitely my favorite Christmas song! I listen to it during non-Christmas months when I need a little pick me up ;)

I also love that song in the beginning of Love Actually, I think it's called Christmas is All Around? I have it as the first song on my Christmas playlist!

Newport Nuptials said...

This is my absolute favorite. I love all the classics, but for a fun sing in the car song I like Britney Spears, Santa Can you Hear me. Kinda cheesy, but its cute and fun to sing.

Twyla Bourn Swanner said...

My favorite Christmas music is from the Ally McBeal show. I believe the album is named "A Very Ally Christmas". Love Robert Downey Jr. singing as well as Vonda Shepard. A must-have!

Anonymous said...


You know of course my favorite is the Chipmunks Christmas song. It reminds me of the all the times the three of us (you, Kelsey and me)would get up early to shop the day after Thanksgiving and we always had to play the tape.

Love ya,


emilee@blushandbashfulevents said...

I am delurking to say
1) Word on "Christmas Shoes" - that song gives me the creeps
2) I love "All I Want for Christmas is You" too!
3) My other favorite holiday song is "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" - it is ridiculous but sublime.

Anonymous said...

I'm delurking too to add "Baby, It's Cold Outside". I can never get enough of hearing that song. And the Hippopotamus song is a funny and cute one.

Lynne said...

LOVE THIS SONG!! I have it on my blog to. Such good memories go with this song

Lyndsy said...

Jackie~ I am so glad you reminded me of Christmas All Around by Billy Mack - LOVE IT and added it to my playlist!

Newport Nuptials~ I also enjoy that Britney song and sing along in the car everytime!

Twyla~ I am not familiar with this CD but am definitely going to do some research!

Mom~ I love the Chimpmunk Song and listen to it daily!

Emilee~ Thanks for delurking and leaving a comment. I had never heard of the hippopatamus song and then I just heard it for the first time this week! It was definitely cute! And can we please get a petition going for no more Christmas Shoes?

Caity~ I love Baby it's cold outside and have about 4 different versions of it. But I think my fave is the Rod Stewart & Dolly Parton one!

Lynne~ you just can't go wrong with this song! Sing it girl!


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