Gift Giving #2: Scent-Sational Gifts

Besides the music, lights, holiday scents are the my next favorite part of the season. I cannot get enough of the yummy goodness that comes in a form of a candle, hand soap or room freshener. I just take a big whiff, close my eyes and say...."mmmm".

Lots of love and joy is spread over the holidays, as are germs and colds (wah-wah). Help fight the latter of the two by giving the gift of good smelling and most importantly clean hands and house.

The Williams-Sonoma Pure & Green Peppermint Snow Collection will leave your hands smelling fresh and minty clean. Wiping down the counters has never smelled better with Method's Spiced Pear All Surface Cleaner. If you prefer a less minty approach and a more warm and fuzzy scent, Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Hand Soap & Lotion is sure to please your guests.

With Holiday parties filling up your calendar left and right, trying to find the right host/hostess gift can be a bit difficult. Also difficult, is achieving that fresh cut tree scent with a fake Christmas tree. Fear not...these scent-sational home scents will fulfill both problems.

The Illume Mulled Wine Reed Diffuser not only smells amazing, but also is rather pretty and festive. I am a huge fan and believer in Bath & Body Work's ScentPort. This baby REALLY works. My bedroom smells delish and has left me curious about the ScentPortable for another other space that may require some sprucing up. Another pretty and effective way to infuse scent all around the house is this Pierced Oil Warmer that is sparkly, and warm.

Of course to me, one of the easiest, most functional gifts to give is a candle. You can customize the scent, and really splurge on some quality candles that perhaps they wouldn't buy for themselves. Candles are romantic, fragrant and perfect for those nights when the lights, go down in the city...

The great thing about candles is that they come in a variety of scents and prices. Method's Frosted Fir and Toasted Hazelnut are a steal at $10 and made of soy, so they burn cleaner. My all time favorite holiday candle is the Perfect Christmas Spice candle with all of its cinnamon-y splendor. However, I picked up this Voluspa Seasons Three-Wick Tin in Winesap Apple Spice last week and it may just replace my old favorite. A combination of spice, tart and tree is a good thing - believe me! Cheap and easy are Glade's assorted variety of "boutique quality candles" as the commercial reminds me everyday. Last but not least, light Creamy Nutmeg candle together with Illume's Eggnog Latte candle and you may just skip out all together on that run to Starbucks, as these two are sure to please you just fine!

All these scents have my nose working over time and I don't really mind at all!


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An Atlanta Bride said...

Apple Spice...Egnog Latte...love Christmas scents!!


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