Forever Frugal Friday

This past weekend I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic and I have to say that it was quite a fun film. Her clothes are incredible (duh Patricia Fields), NYC looked fabulous (I am dying to go back) and her shoes...don't even get me started. Below are some of my favorite looks from the film.


I mean can you imagine walking out of Henri Bendel's with that many bags? I could only dream...and all that yellow goodness!!! Yes please!

Not unlike SATC, this movie was all about the belts. Cinching in the ever tiny Isla to look even tinier (if that is even possible?). I loved the plaid cape and the bright cobalt blue!


This purple dress had me swooning in my seat. Could this dress be more perfect?



This scene might have caused me to shriek and hold my breath for just a moment. The thought of being surrounded by that many fabulous shoes...O.M.G...

So this movie got me thinking...Miss Rebecca Bloomwood was in great financial debt because she couldn't say no, or resist the urge to shop, shop, shop. Her whole justification for why she shops (the smell, the feel, the satisfaction), I'm sure rings true for many women out there. Which is why, Forever Frugal Friday is so important to me. We should all be able to enjoy nice new things, without causing a major financial downfall for ourselves. So...

I encourage you all to be your own "Girl in the Green Scarf" and make some fantastic fashion decisions (wearing your own green scarf) and feel marvelous about your purchases!


Mrs.Zeus said...

Owww, I haven't got around to see the film yet.... I am dying to see all the fun outfits and of course the SHOES!!!
Oh and how classic is it to have such fabulous shoes around you like that?!??! Ahhhh... only in my dreams.

Sweet Nothings said...

i loved the film.
that purple dress is to die for!

Kisses & Kumquats said...

Thanks for the blog love =) and really is there any store better than Bendels!?!!!? I think not! Now i wanna see shopaholic again! =)


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