Song Of The Week: Kokomo

I must warn you that I am in complete and utter vacation mode, even though I still have to work until Wednesday evening.

The upcoming nuptials of Erin & Steve have set me into a tropical frame of mind. And really...when it comes to tropical music, the first song I ever sing is Kokomo by The Beach Boys. The video is equally awesome as there is a guest appearance by none other than Uncle Jesse (whom we knew could sing with his band the Rippers to Aunt Becki), but play the congo drums with The Beach Boys too?! Throw in some bikini clad babes and sandy beach scenes and you my friends, are transported as far from your current location as possible.

I also love this song because it reminds of when Tom Cruise was normal and kind of cool AKA the movie Cocktail. That soundtrack was one of the first CD's I ever owned and I played it ALL THE TIME. So I suggest picking up the entire album at $7.99 and planning your tropical escape, even if only to your bathtub :)

Any other good summer/beach songs I am missing? Let me know so I can add them to the mix please!


J said...

Love that song!! It always brings back memories from when I was a kid.

Shelby said...


Michelle said...

Um, LOVE it! I hope they play it at the wedding, perfect! See you tomorrow, yippee!!!!!!

Playful Professional said...

I know this is a little silly but the OC theme song (something about going to California) always puts in me in a vacation mood.


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