Instant Radiance = Instant Disappointment

I celebrated my 29th birthday this week (OUCH), and have been on a mission for the last few months to find the perfect product that will make my skin glowy and dewey like the days when I was 25.

I stepped into Sephora with an open mind and a pocket full of change. The thing I love about Sephora is that the employees are so helpful! If you need a sample they will gladly make one for you. In this visit, the Kinerase representative was in the store, and let me just say that she had the most flawless skin I had ever seen. Basically, I was ready to buy whatever she was selling. I described my search and she suggested the Kinerase Instant Radiance Facial Peel. For $80, I got a 3 month supply that was guaranteed to give me glowing results. The rep even went as far to say that if I didn't see results in three days to return the product to Sephora.

You can imagine my excitement to try this product out. So I began the five day treatment and was less then pleased with the results. Now, I am not one to quit without giving a product a fair chance, so I tried peel again in January and had my co-worker give me her honest opinion everyday. Again, nothing...so I took the Kinerase Instant Radiance Facial Peel back to Sephora ready to plead my case. Turns out wasn't necessary at all, as they gladly took it back and offered me store credit.

My ultimate verdict is to skip it. For $80 you can get a facial and probably achieve results that you are looking for and have a nice pamper session as well.

So the search continues....


Lindsey said...

Bummer. I hate facing product letdown. Have you tried the oxygen/ vitamin C scrub that philosophy has? I cannot remember what the name of it is, but it did make my face look a great deal better.

Being Brazen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for which ever day your birthday was *hugs*

I turn 29 this year too - scary stuff :)

{amy lynn} said...

first of all...happy birthday. (btw...your 30's will be awesome, mine are great so far! - i'm 31).

2. facial for sure. i love them. and so many aestheticians are slashing prices right now b/c economy.

3. use beta hydroxy to exfoliate..it's magical

4. l'occtaine has the perfect face cream. not. even, kidding. it's the shea butter one. ask for a sample. i mean...i'm so dewey, flowers try to lick my face.seriously.

ok. i'll shut up now. happy friday!

amy b.s. said...


let me know if you find anything you like. as i'm about to turn 29 as well, i'm starting to think about anti-aging seriously, but i don't know what actually is good or not. good luck! and happy birthday!


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