My Two Best Friends...(For Now)

These two items are my staples for the next few days until I am feeling 100%. I am luckily not one to get sick very often, and wouldn't you just know that the week before I am scheduled to leave for Hawaii, I would wake up with a sore throat? I ran to my local Pavilion's and picked up the Tylenol Severe Cold Liquid (A DREAM!) and chased it down with my Naked Well Being Smoothie. Here's hoping my "cocktail" cures all!
PS ~ If you have a remedy I should try, please feel free to share it with me :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Sweethear, I'm sorry you're sick. Too bad we live two states apart or I would be fixing you right up with home made chicken soup and lots of mommie love.

I know you can't take it, but for other's Advil 12 hour cold and sinus is what got our family though it. Also Robitussin has a new DM-MAX cough syrup that is terrific. Go take a few steam room sessions.

Take Care and get as much rest as possible.


Mrs.Zeus said...

Ohhh, Im so sorry you're sick.
Its the nasty bug going around everywhere. I hope you feel better soon!

Christina said...

I swear by Advil Cold and Sinus for during the day (they don't make a night time version)and Zicam. Also for your sore throat my grandmother's cure - gargle with warm water, salt, and apple cider vinegar. It will definitely help. And of course lots of rest and fluids.

Abbie said...

I take Emergen-C twice a day when I am feeling sick. Works wonders!

Anonymous said...

Grapefruit Seed Extract (G.S.E.) it can be found at pretty much any nutrition store. It comes in the form of drops and they are pretty sour tasting, but 12-15 drops in a glass of OJ twice a day and you can kiss your sore throat goodbye! Hope this helps!

Erin said...

Take care of yourself this weekend Lynds and get LOTS of rest! I'm sure you'll be 100% by next Wednesday!

Michelle said...

Feel better friend friend! We need you for some fun times next week... ;)


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