Song Of The Week: Comfortable

Lil Wayne - Comfortable
Uploaded by PaquiTo-06_BrOwN_

(Sorry the video isn't too exciting, but at least you can enjoy the song)

Okay, I must confess that I am kind of obsessed with Lil Wayne. It might be because he is pretty much featured in every song on the radio right now. He has great beats, I love that he giggles in his rhymes and he might wear the tiniest skinny jeans you have ever seen. His collaboration with Babyface in Comfortable has been my fave lately. Babyface's smooth melodies makes me reminisce about the days of old 90210 when David Silver was playing keyboard at the summer concert series and sleeps with Ariel and Donna catches them....oh the good old days.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lil Wayne! He is one of my favorites :) I also love how he giggles in his songs and he has a really unique voice. YAY to Lil Wayne!!!

HeJo said...

Perhaps I am crazy but I remember what Donna had said.

"Should I call you Mr. Baby? Mr. Face?" Love it. She actually had a conversation with herself. Definitely the good old days of.....1992 perhaps?


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