Cozy Coats

The rain arrived on Monday here in LA and had me (and every other LA resident) reaching deep into our closets to pull out those dusty coats. I quickly realized that since I moved from Seattle to Washington, my coat collection has become non-existent and mostly consists of light zippy's. Which means the hunt for the perfect fall leading into winter search begins. Here are a few I have my eye on...

I love this red Warm Peacoat from AE. Would look fab with jeans or work attire.

Like a little edge with your plaid? This AE Plaid Bomber Jacket could be exactly what I need to shake up my wardrobe a bit.

Even though I am a shorty, I still love the look of long jackets and to be honest I want this Double-Breasted Wool Blend Coat mostly because the color is chinchilla (and I love chinchillas).

I am thinking this Tweed Military Jacket is the front runner so far. I tried it on at the Gap and just fell in love.

Oh FCUK! I just adore this Lark High Collar Wool Coat and think it looks just so warm and snuggly. The price tag....not so much.

I think this La Jolla Shores jacket is pretty spiffy...but am a bit hesitant about the sleeves...they look like they are 3/4...but the colors are pretty fun and would stand out in a crowd of solids.

This West Street Jacket is not very practical for LA but I would love to have it to wear in Seattle when I head there in December.

I love the simplicity yet bold pop of fuchsia this Leighton Skirted Coat brings to the table.

Of course you just cannot go wrong with a classic black Belted Felt Coat from Forever. The color will always be in style and the button details give set it apart from all the other black jackets.

I will be sure to update ya'll with which coat I select! Happy hunting!


Abbie said...

I actually bought the Old Navy coat last month. I had been so excited to order it b/c I'd been ogling other ones that were much more expensive... but it had an odd shape. The bottom flared out so much it looked like I had hips 3 times as big as they really are. Bummer.

That purple one is way fun.

Jaime said...

Love the A&E bomber- how cute in plaid!

Avery Bleu said...

I JUST started as posting on jackets - darn. The one from the Gap was one of the first ones I found and fell in love with. Nice work.

Lyndsy said...

Abbie~ Aww nuts about the Old Navy Jacket...Good to know though!!

Michelle said...

Oooh I love quite a few of those! Especially the last one from forever, and the grey one from the Gap!

Kokobee Faulkner said...

Beautiful designs of coats but I'm looking forward to wholesale fur jackets coz I wanna give it to my friend as a birthday gift.


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