Song Of The Week: Young Turks

You know when you are younger and your parents make you listen to "their" music and you just HATED it? It didn't matter if the tune was catchy or not, you wouldn't be caught dead liking anything they did. That is how I felt about Rod Stewart for awhile.

Thank goodness I grew up and gave him another chance, because let me just say this loud and clear...I LOVE me some Rod Stewart! I have been listening to his greatest hits album and realizing how many great tunes he has! My favorite lately however has been "Young Turks". This song totally puts a smile on my face and makes me bounce around.

Spill it...what's your favorite Rod Stewart song?


Debbie said...

HA!!! My music did sink in! My favorite song is Forever Young because it reminds me of you and Kelsey. However, as everyone knows the dog was named after Rod's hit Maggie Mae.


Short White Coat Notes said...

Hands down, "Forever Young"!

Kris said...

Ditto Debbie! Maggie Mae and Forever Young are my RS faves!

jamieofalltrades said...

Maggie Mae and Some Guys Have All the Luck. But I am no ashamed to say I LOVE ROD STEWART!

Michelle said...

Forever Young! I could never love another Rod Stewart song more!!!

Lyndsy said...

I listened to Forever Young in honor of all you ladies!

Jamie of All Trades ~ I also really love Some Guys Have All The Luck.



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