Whip It...Whip It Good!

No I'm not talking about that rocking Devo song.....I'm talking about Drew Barrymore's directorial debut Whip It.

I saw Whip It this past Sunday with my mom and two girlfriends and just loved it. Funny, heartwarming and totally entertaining!


I know I am most definitely not tough enough, but after watching this movie, I still had the urge to get out on the rink and compete.


All of the characters were entertaining and likable....even the bitchy villain Juliette Lewis.


Drew Barrymore should definitely feel proud of this flick. Ellen Page was a great choice to cast for the main character and the film had a really good message about going out for what makes you happy and never settling. A good motto to live your life by.

My favorite part of the movie however, was the roller derby coach, Razor.

From the moment he spoke his first line, I knew this was the often hidden (behind the scenes) 3rd Wilson brother, Andrew.

The eldest and quite handsome in that rugged, mountain man kind of way. His character was lovable, and supportive and had me giggling every time he was on screen.

He has looks similar to Luke and the voice of Owen. I just adore those Wilson Brothers! Here's hoping he continues to step away from behind the scenes and gets back in front of the camera.

Bottom line...if you are looking for a great feel good movie, go see Whip It!


Beebs said...

I saw this movie last weekend and i must agree-- absolutely adored it!!

Anonymous said...

This was pretty funny! Gotta admit though, I had no idea Razor was an Owen's brother. He was hilarious...shorts and all!

Jaime said...

Really want to see this- so glad you liked it. I looks so cute and funny!

Maggie said...

You do not overspeak when you gush over Razor - he was ridiculously awesome. Such a rockin' movie.

Lynne said...

I want to see this movie so bad. I may just go this weekend. Glad you enjoyed it

Megan said...

Oh, I am going to have to see it now.

Anonymous said...

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