Forever Frugal Friday: Cozy Fall

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Fall has officially arrived in LA and I have worn a long sleeve cardigan or shirt everyday this week! I have also officially switched over to hot bevies at Sbux (anyone else loving the VIA as much as I am). I have been craving an outfit that I could throw on and feel cozy, but still look cute and somewhat stylish when running Saturday errands and I think this little ensemble might just do the trick.

The leggings are a thicker, sweater material giving the wearer not only more coverage but also a little more warmth. The tank and cardigan offer layering abilities in case the sun peeps out. The bangle is just the accessory needed, since the cardigan is so bold and distracting. Last but not least, these flats provide comfort while looking cute at the same time.

Go on get cozy!!

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Sweet Nothings said...

love love this sweater!


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