Forever Frugal Friday

Okay so I seriously cannot believe we have entered the month of September and that this weekend marks the end of summer?  WHAAAAAAA? I am so not ready to bid summer adieu but it may be a little easier with this darling Chain Front Dress (sans the sheer mesh layer on top).  I see that military looks are raging for fall 2010, and this dress is the perfect way to integrate it into your fall wardrobe. 


Amanda said...

Love the dress! I can't believe summer is over...I feel like it just started! The midwest is really starting to cool down too.

Holly said...

summer is not over! haha :) september 23 is the start of fall!

we still have like a month. plus its 100 degrees today!

happy weekend, lady

Lyndsy said...

Holly! I may have been a little dramtic with my statement of the end of summer. The weather was nice this weekend, although no 100 degrees! Hope you soaked up lots of sun!


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