Sometimes you feel like a Nut-Hellcat...

Warning...random ass post below!

Ya'll already know that I am a huge fan of Starbucks from my posts here, here, here and here.  Well now you can add another reason to my growing list...introducing me to the delicioso goods by Sahale Snacks.

I have had the pleasure to taste the Southwest Cashews (Whole cashews are topped with a dusting of grated Cheddar-Jack cheese and blended with Poblano and Guajillo peppers) and the Barbeque Almonds (Our Barbeque Almonds are seasoned with a proprietary “Dry Rub” spice blend and accented with tangy buttermilk ranch) and let me just tell you that the flavors are bold and do not disappoint.  They are perfect for an afternoon snack, full of flavor and healthy too! 

Coffee + Healthy Snack = Happy Lyndsy

I am currently working hard to jump back on the "healthy train" and watch what I eat, drink and incorporate more workouts into my week.  These snacks will help me get there, but after watching CW's new show Hellcats, my desire to get my butt to the gym was increased mucho!

Everyday on my way into work I saw this ad and was intrigued about this new show.  Last night I DVR'ed it and while it isn't Emmy winning stuff it was rather entertaining and also inspiring.  The main character Marti Perkins had me on the ground, doing sit ups while I watched.  Aly Michalka had me lusting for toned abs and cut arms. 

I mean seriously!  While watching I was reminded of the days back in college when we taped up pictures of Gisele or Britney (I'm A Slave 4 U anyone?) for much needed gym inspiration.  Well my friends, I think Aly may just have me singing You're The Inspiration [Remastered Version] (2007) while I walk on the treadmill (maybe even *gasp* run).

The show is fun and totally cheesy but I think I will be tuning in again next week to see some fun dance routines and what kind of drama is going to unfold. 

Sorry for the randomness, but I just had to share my current likes and inspirations!  Did you watch Hellcats?  Is there different guilty pleasure show that you watch but hate to admit liking?  Anyone have a good fitness DVD or technique they would like to share so that I can get my abs looking like the picture above?  Is anyone else as excited tomorrow is Friday? 


Erin said...

The Sahale nuts are sooooo good and such a wonderful little snack. However, I think I may have overdosed on them one too many times and have a tough time eating them now.

Tara Holmes said...

Yes to all! I accidentally watched it last night and I think I may be hooked. Damm it! Another bad TV show that I can't live without and her abs are insane. Where did my waist go???? UG! And yes...VERY excited for Friday.

Holly said...

ohhh thats the chick from ally and aj? that lil disney band?

Amanda said...

The Sahale nuts look so good! Thanks for the recommendation! I need to stay away from the CW...I cannot add any more shows to my already long list!

Amy Jo said...

I'm guilty..I watched it last night too! Not only do I want her abs but I want her hair!!

Lyndsy said...

Erin ~ Oh no! They are soo good! Don't OD!!

Tara ~ I am soo glad I am not alone!

Holly ~ It is that girl! Ha!

Amanda ~ Don't give in!!

Amy Jo ~ Her hair is pretty but those abs! DAMN!!


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