Song Of The Week: Like A G6

This past Labor Day Weekend, Mrs. R asked me if I was familiar with the song "Like A G6".  Much to her shock, I was not familiar and she immediately downloaded it and introduced me to what is fast becoming one of my new faves. 

In fact I need to apologize to my coworkers, softball players, and friends as all I have been singing for the last few days is the lyrics, "Like A G6, Like A G6" which I am sure is highly annoying.  This song gets me pumped up for whatever I need to do for the day.  Heading to the gym "Like A G6", walking to my softball game "Like A G6", getting ready to celebrate Septemberfrest 2010 and Mr. R's birthday, you guessed it...."Like A G6". 

In fact, I think I will start off my Monday right now, "Like A G6".


Anonymous said...

Ha! My best friend pretty much forced this song on me all weekend... and just when I finally got it out of my head, I read your blog. Sigh. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it!

KrzyKron said...

Just found this song a few weeks ago and LOVE IT!


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