Forever Frugal Friday

This week marked the first week back to school for many peeps. For me it just meant more traffic on my way into the office as I pass three schools on my route to work. Although I don't get to invest in or sport a "first day of school" outfit, I can try to get more organized at my desk with some fun new "school supplies" or in my case, "office supplies" instead, all courtesy of Forever. 

My desk is dark and formal with a glass overlay.  It currently has all black office supplies from the phone, stapler and file holders.  I think this pink Gothic Paper Tray would add a nice touch of color to my otherwise dark desk.  Plus I love the detailing on the side, functional and fashionable.  Fabulous!

This Chic File Folder will have all the other girls jealous of how stylish my filing looks.  Perfect for transporting your documents from meeting to meeting and still looking chic.

You can't have the Gothic Paper Tray and skip out on the matching Three Sleeve Sorting Rack!  I use my current ugly sorting rack always and would really enjoy looking at something prettier on a daily basis.

Last but not least, I need this Crackled Metallic Notebook to take down notes at meetings, jot down important phone numbers and doodle whenever I am bored.  I love that it just adds a little pizazz to the everyday. 


DrayaAnn said...

i HAVE to have those pink organizers!!! So stinkin' cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm usually not a big hot pink fan but those finds are super fun! And I agree with the school zone torture... I hit 6 of them on the way to work every. single. morning. UGH!

Amanda said...

Love all of these office supplies, especially the file folder!!


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