Oh Dexter!

Two years ago I randomly threw Dexter: The First Season into my Netflix queue.  Little did I know how absolutely addicted I would become to this series. 

Season One had me shocked to be rooting for a serial killer.  But Michael C. Hall plays the character so well that you can't help but love him.

Dexter: The Second Season was my favorite (until season 4) as all hell brakes loose and each episode left me rushing to the next one.  This season is also where I developed a creepy crush on "Dexter" (not Michael C. Hall the actor).  I couldn't help it!

Dexter: The Third Season had some dark moments that definitely factored into Dexter's twisted psyche, but was my lease favorite of all the seasons. 

Dexter: The Fourth Season was hands down the most incredible season of television I have ever watched.  I laughed, I cried, I gasped and was left needing more immediately.  John Lithgow won an Emmy for Best Guest Actor on a Drama and trust me when I say you will never look at John Lithgow the same again. 

Which left me dying for the Season Five premiere last night...

And sadly, I was left feeling ehhh after last nights episode.  I am not sure I like where they are headed...I feel like the last season was so good and so intense that this season just seems doomed a little?  I don't know, I am going to try and stay positive but I just wanted more last night, you know? 

Which has me wondering a few things....do any of you watch Dexter?  Do you have a crush on Dexter?  What is your favorite season of Dexter so far? And without spoiling anything, what did you think about last nights premiere? 


Sweet Nothings said...

oh, its the next show im going to start. everyone tells me it is going to change my life...my entire life is going to be devoted to tv.

Andi said...

This is hands-down my favorite show!
I was a little conflicted about last night's episode too, but I think it's good they're showing him in a different way, maybe exposing that he truly is a monster underneath it all. IDK, I'm excited for this season and can't wait to watch all the episodes, all of the teasers look great to me.
Last season was insane. The most incredible television I've ever watched. The season with Jimmy Smits was my second favorite. We'll have to do weekly Dexter check ins with each other :)

MerciBlahBlah said...

I was excited ALL DAY yesterday waiting for it to start. I'm withholding judgement on this season until we get a bit further into it, but I TOTALLY called the Deb/Quinn thing even before the show started.

Season 4 was hands down the best. Michael C. Hall is amazing. And foxy. And completely different than his character on one of my OTHER fave-o shows of all time, Six Feet Under - did you watch that one?


Team Gibson said...

Mike has season 1,2,and 3. I have never watched them even though he continued to "bug" me to watch them with him. Perhaps I should dig them out and watch...........Everyone I talk to loves the show.

Blyth Family Blog said...

Our cop friend here in bend is obsessed with this series! We've been talking about netflixing this one... guess id better get on it!

Holly said...

the seasons run together for me. i loved miguel prado and that whole thing and of course the trinity killer.

cant wait to start this season.

Charlie said...

ahhh i love this show! i don't have showtime (must get on that!) so in the past i've done the netflix thing. my husband has bever seen it, so I was explaining everything to him last night. I think i'm going to start again at the beginning so he can see!! AHHHH I LOVE IT!!!

p.s. can you believe dexter and deb are married in real life?! she sucked the first two seasons but is wayyy better now.

Hannah @ The New Black said...

I was STUNNED by the finale last season! My guy didn't watch that season with me so I've been bugging him to watch it {and I admit, I'm dying to rewatch it!} to we can get started on the current season. I'm trying to steer clear of any spoilers until we can catch up via On Demand!

I tried to start watching Dexter several times, but I just couldn't get through season one. After that I was hooked. It's weird that he's married to his sister in real life...I don't know why though. Congrats to them! With him being sick I thought there might have been more time before the next season. Glad all is well with him!

DrayaAnn said...

I LOVE dexter! Last season was the best. I still get creeped out just thinking of Jon Lithgow. He was just sooo good. The first episode of this season was just so so, but I'm ready for it all.

Michelle said...

You know you and I have always shared the EXACT same feelings on Dexter...#4 was absolutely amazing, #1 & #2 very, very good, #3 okay but definitely my least fave. I felt the same way about 5's opener (we watched last night)...seems like it will be very dark. Looking forward to seeing where they take it though!

Katie said...

I was SO shocked about Season 4s finale. I couldn't even sleep afterwards!

Lyndsy said...

Sweet Nothings ~ I know what you mean about TV ruling your life. This show is a good one to watch on DVD though! Just avoid spoilers!!

Andi ~ Weekly Dexter Check-Ins sound great!

Merci ~ I have Six Feet Under in my Netflix and perhaps should move it up. I have heard he is so completely different in that show. Such a great actor!

Team Gibson & Blyth Family ~ You must watch!!! Addictive!

Charlie ~ Agreed, Deb is much more likeable as the seasons progress.

Draya Ann & Michelle ~ I am glad I am not alone in my opinion of the first episode. Although I also agree, I can't wait to see how the season unfolds!

amy (metz) walker said...

Girl, I am in totally agreement with literally everything about this blog. I feel twisted b/c I think a "serial killer" is sexy so I tell myself it's because he is avenging evil. HA! Also, totally agree about season 3...it started losing me. Needless to say, the Trinity season had me riveted.

MUG said...

I love love love your blog and am only further convinced of your good taste knowing you are as addicted to this show as I am. I wait until the entire season comes out on DVD to watch because I can't stand the anxiety of waiting until the next episode, but I'm sorry to hear this season didn't start out with a bang.


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