Happy {GO SEAHAWKS} Weekend

I am so excited for the three day weekend and am most excited for the big game on Sunday at 10:00 AM against Da Bears.  I would love, love, love a Seattle win and to continue this momentum and spirit!

So be sure to root extra loud for Seattle on Sunday and enjoy your extra long weekend!



Danielle said...

well, good luck. lol. hopefully they dont kick it right to hester, and cutler has one of his bad games. which is always a 50/50 shot. :)

Jodi said...

I'm a new follower and love your blog!! Look forward to reading more.
(I use to live in CA too but now I'm back in MA!)

Linley said...

super sorry about the seahawks! i was pulling for them as well...

Christina said...

sorry they lost. i was hoping they would win. im a big matt hasselback fan.


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