Scenes from the Weekend

In an effort to better document the haps of my life, I am going to *try* and share my "Scenes from the Weekend" every Monday. 

Here goes....

Celebrated an INCREDIBLE win by the Seahawks with Avery, Mr. R, Spry, Lori (both not shown) and one crazy die hard Seahawks fan that was sipping a Chocotini and doing toe touches every time the Hawks scored.  Highly Entertaining. 

Enjoyed a tasty mini cupcake from Vanilla Bake Shop, watched the Eagles lose and checked out B's new apartment. 

(all pictures were captured with my blackberry please excuse the quality)


Miss K said...

yay! i can't wait for future monday posts!

I love your pink cheeks! what blush do you wear?

ps got my Gap coupon yesterday! can't wait to get me a new pair of jeans!!

Danielle said...

if i were a seattle fan, I wouldve been so blacked out drunk after that win.

Love your recap posts!

Lyndsy said...

Miss K ~ So happy you got your coupon! Be sure to share when you wear the jeans you select!

As for my cheeks I use Laura Gellar Berry Crush blush and then Tarte Flush on top :)

Lyndsy said...

Danielle ~ If Seattle wins on Sunday I may be VERY drunk :)


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