Song Of The Week: Animal

A few months back my girlfriend Ronit invited me to a Xbox Kinect party at an incredible house up in the Hollywood Hills.  The party was hosted by Ashley Tisdale and I bumped into the handsome Ryan Phillipe leaving the bar.  The guests of the party were treated to an intimate performance by Miike Snow and I hate to say that although I had heard of the band before, I had never actually listened to them.  

Well let's just say thank goodness for the introduction because they are a very talented duo.  Animal is one of my favorite tracks and the band reminds me a lot of Passion Pit.  The music is perfect to listen to anywhere, but I especially enjoy listening at work as it keeps me in a positive spirit and wide awake. 

Private performance by Miike Snow via my Blackberry


Danielle said...

oh i love ashley tisdale!

anyways, like this! going to add to my pandora to see what else it comes up with!

Alex said...

Such a good song! I want to dance around in my living room.


Katie said...

Love this whole CD. Also love the songs Burial and Sylvia. I want to live in CA and "bump" into these lovely people you always seem to see!

Erin said...

LOVE Miike Snow - my favorites are Cult Logic and Black & Blue
Everytime I read the name Miike I ask myself why two i's?

Amber's Notebook said...

First of all that party sounds AMAZING!

Ansd second of all are we on the same wavelength or what!? Did you see my outfit post yesterday!???

Kristin said...

A private performance? WOW!

designstiles said...

That's so awesome. Miike Snow used to be in heavy rotation. I think I need to put them back in the mix.

designstiles said...

PS - I wanted to pass this on to you:

Avery Bleu said...

The Peter Bjorn and John remix of this song is good too, FYI


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