I'm Lovin' It

Can we just agree that these BEBAROQUE LOURDES Black Tights are just marvelous?!?  I mean, I am just speechless looking at them.  Birthday wishlist - check.

As if EmersonMade's stuff wasn't already adorable as all get out, she has to go and introduce a new line of soft, cozy, darling t-shirts, like this Paper Valentine Heart Tee that would be just perfect for V-Day. 

My GF Christy gifted me the refreshing Satsuma Body Butter this past Christmas and it just puts me in the best of spirits every time I slather it on.  Added bonus, I am pretty sure it curbs my appetite all whilst giving me super soft skin.  SWEET SATSUMA!

I have shorty stubby legs that make finding tall boots close to impossible. Call it a Christmas miracle but my these Steven by Steve Madden 'Mary' Distressed Leather Boot not only fit my calves but also they are just the right high and don't dig midway into my kneecap.  Plus the color is just awesome and goes with just about anything at all.  The zipper down the back is my absolute favorite feature. 

I have always loved my girl Cameron Diaz as she reminds me of my bestie Mrs. R amd she absolutely killed it at the Green Hornet premiere last night.  The shoes, the bold red dress, the makeup the hair - perfection.  Do we think that prego Rachel Zoe picked this entire look out for her? 


Before I departed for Seattle I opted to get a mani/pedi before my Chocolate Sun and chose the festive and fun OPI Nail Lacquer, Glow Up Already, 0.5-Fluid Ounce for my nails.  I loved the results (similar to the picture above) and couldn't wait to sport it around town.  Only problem was I woke up the next day missing the polish on my pinky and then through out the rest of the day the entire nail polish came off leaving me with 4 fingers polished. 


I am not sure if I should be pissed at the nail polish or the manicurist.  Lesson learned that glitter alone doesn't work for my nails and should only be used in conjunction with a solid nail polish color. 

What are you loving so far in 2011?


Anna said...

I am loving that paper valentine tee!! I wish I could bring myself to pay 38 bucks for a shirt though.
Cute finds!

Miss K said...

1. those tights are incredible, i must own a pair...or make them myself.

2. i'm in love with heart-shaped doilies and now i'm in love with that shirt.

3. i've never tried that body butter, but the store always smells bomb

4. yay for finding perfect boots!

5. cameron always looks hot, i love her hair and make-up from that pic

6. just painted my nails all glitter today at lunch and i hope it lasts longer than a day.eeeks.

Linley said...

a. those leggings are fabulous!
b. such a fan of emersonmade and that tee is precious!!
c. those boots are amazing.

i like your style! (:

i've been loving the styles and colors that have been previewing for the spring!! can't wait!

Danielle said...

cam looks phenom!

and when i was in napa, i got the opi glitter shallack...4 days. peels off at the gym. my dad was like ummmm...so so so pissed.

Karrie said...

Lyndsy - also had the sparkly nail polish problem over Xmas. Not sure which nail salon u go to, but the one next to Joe's Diner on Main St is my fave. For some reason their polish seems to last longer.

And I luvvvvv Chocolate Sun! Went last week :)


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

CUTE top and love the tights- so fun! I did a sparkle/glitter nail polish and it took FOREVER to get it off. it stuck so much...which is good bc it barely chipped but bad to get off.

Valerie said...

Cameron looks amazing!!! LOVE that entire look.


Apt. #34 said...

I have those boots too (great minds thinkk alike!) and I heart them. Hugs to you gorgeous!

Coug Gal said...

Love the boots!!! Yea for finding boots for petite legs. :)

Holly said...

that emerson tee is SO adorbable

HR Mom said...

I love that emerson tee also, just so perfect for V-Day coming up!


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