Song Of The Week: Coming Home

Happy New Year my loves!  I am sorry I was totally MIA for the past two weeks but traveling and the holidays will do that to you.  In any case I'm back and ready to kick off 2011 with some great music, beginning with Coming Home by Diddy - Dirty Money. 

This song marks the return of Puffy, Diddy, Sean John, whatever his name is.  I love the beat and it reminds me of his earlier jams that I loved in high school.  Coming Home is a funny term, I used to and often still do refer to Seattle as my home, but really I have noticed lately that my "home" is really shaping up to be the lovely city of LA.  Weird, I know....

What do you think?  Is home where you currently reside or is home where you grew up?  Can you refer to both as "home" even though they have completely different meanings to you?  Seattle was where I was raised, my family lives, I made my friends and experienced college.  LA has been hardships, new friendships, new beginnings, and new love.  I believe I am who I am due to what I learned from both cities and want to consider both my "home".

Call it greedy but I don't mind Coming Home to either city anytime of the year. 


Michelle said...

I think you can call whatever place you want, "home". I will forever call Walla Walla, WA my home, even if I only lived there my first 17 years of life. Pullman & Seattle are also special to me, but so far nothing will ever compare to my cute little hometown :)

Danielle said...

welcome home! hope you had a great holiday!

and i had no idea he changed his name again until this single game out..it is like enough!

LA is home, until I just got back from SF and miss it like crazy

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I heard this on the radio last night and had my bro shazam it- was surprised to see it's Diddy, Dirty $, whoever lol. I like it though!

Coug Gal said...

I say both can be "home." I felt the same way coming back to SF but always call Seattle home. Not bad to have two great cities as homes! :)


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