Forever Frugal Friday

a good, cute belt is always such a task to find.  i recently saw my coworker sporting an adorable black bow belt with her skirt and when i asked where she got it, she said a four letter word...SAKS. 

well since my paycheck doesn't yet allow me the ability to shop at SAKS, it does allow me to shop at forever and these darling dainty bow belts (available in peach, black and red) are a steal at $4.80!

perfect for that summer dress and adds just a little bit of cheekiness - go grab one immediately...heck, get wild, grab all three!


Kristen said...

super cute, i love bows!

Glee said...

I´ve just bought three colored slim belts and I´m loving them. But seeing these bright bowed belts makes me yearn for them. I´ve to get one for me too. Thanks for sharing!

P.S. Let´s exchange links. Would love to add you to my partners page. Pls let me know.

Natalie said...

Beautiful! These would add the cutest touch to an outfit, and such a steal! Great find.


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