Make This - No Bake Peanut Butter S’mores Squares

{photo by me}

a few weeks back it was b's big dirty thirty b*day.  b and i have a shared love of sweet treats and therefore i went all out on his b*day desserts. 

per his request i made slutty brownies which turned out quite amazing and were definitely a hit at the party.  only problem is they do not photograph well at all, but are so easy to make (and can we just talk about how stinking darling rosie is?) and totally an indulgence everyone will appreciate.

i also made his favorite funfetti cupcakes which were a hit with just about everybody. 

my third dessert were these no bake peanut butter smores squares.  i'd be lying if i told you i made them for brandon.  nope.  these puppies were my treat to myself for b*day planning and also a dream since the oven is not required!  these bars were had everyone at the party asking me what they were and going in for seconds.  it helped that the birthday boy enjoyed them as well! 

the recipe makes a lot and i was able to bring the remaining treats to work for a wedding shower the next day and again, they were quite a hit. 

if you are looking for a no brainer, wow them at your next summer bbq dessert - look no further!  these treats will make you the most popular guest around!


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

sounds right up my alley- yum!

ashley nicole catherine said...

yum those look amazing! and 3 desserts - that's my kind of birthday!!

Kristen said...

ohmygoodness! these look delicious!!


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