What to Wear - Colorado Wedding

b and i are off to a wedding in colorado in a few weeks and i am complete stumped on what to wear. 

i figured now would be the best time to try out rent the runway since i have been dying to try it for some time now.  below are my three favorite choices, all under $75, would you be so kind to help a girl out with your opinion?

bcbg my soulmate dress - love the color, love the tulle trim and the sweetheart neckline.  but is too bridesmaid-y?

tibi's bond girl dress - love the pleated skirt and the sweetheart bodice - been eyeing this puppy for many events.  too much for a summer wedding?

shoshanna's optical bustier dress - the color is unique and i love the pattern and fit.  plus pockets never hurt anyone!  but is it a bit on the boring side?

but then i peeped over at nordies and noticed this parker strapless silk dress i've been crushing on is on sale - and i could own it and wear it again! 

the colors are my fave and i like the pattern at the bottom - fun and unique.  but is it a little too crayola crayon-y? 

i reach out to you my lovely ybb readers to help me decide what to wear to this wedding.  i am going to be meeting new friends and girlfriends and want to look spectacular.  i've been working out hard at the gym and want to show off the results i have achieved while mingling and having some fun. 



Andi said...

I absolutely LOVE the Shoshanna dress! I don't think it's boring at all, it's awesome!

amit said...

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Caity said...

I vote for the Shoshanna or the Nordies dress! Both are super pretty, not over the top, and will definitely show off all your hard work. Of course you'd look great in any of the dresses, but I think one of those two would probably be best for a summer wedding in Colorado. Hope you have fun!

Danielle said...

rent one and three!

Lynne said...

I love the purple one

Holly said...

HANDS DOWN the shoshanna one!!

Kristen said...

my faves are the bond girl and the purple one. i think the purple one gets my vote though :D

Lindsay @ LindsayInNYC said...

I think it depends on the type of wedding it is - afternoon/evening, outdoor/church, etc.

The first is cute assuming the wedding party isn't wearing red :) I worry the second might be too short? The third would be really cute accessorized!

Brettan said...

Tinsley Mortimer was wearing the purple Shoshanna one today on RTR's site and she looked awesome. I think that's a perfect dress for you -- you're light skinned and pale blond, just like her. Nude shoes and accessories for day and black if it's a night wedding.


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