Song Of The Week: Something 'bout A Truck

there's just something 'bout country music and sunshine that puts me in the best of moods.

i know many people are country haters out there (b used to be one of them) but i'm here to tell you, if you just find that right 2-3 songs i guarantee you will be hooked.

and there's just something 'bout the song "something 'bout a truck" that i think will get you hooked/started on country this summer. 

this song puts me in the best of moods and makes we want to drink beers and play yard games, anyone care to join me?


Taylor {CoverGirl + Converse} said...

Totally obsessed with this song, seriously! Love it.

Danielle said...


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

YES great song...totally summer.

katherinebee said...

I feel the same way! I used to hate country music, but in the past few years I've either grown to love it or it's gotten much better. I always have this song stuck in my head.


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