Song Of The Week: Settle Down

anyone else excited about no doubt's return to the radio after a 10 year hiatus?

i am in love with their new song "settle down" because it is perfectly reggae and pop fused together for that ultimate summer jam. i realize the song is getting massive plays via every radio station, and yet i still turn it up, every sing time i hear it and bounce around in my car. 

and watching the video, i just have to say that gwen has done an incredible job in staying true to herself.  i love her bra straps and wife beater tank and signature red lipstick with platinum blonde hair.  she is totally kick ass and i just adore her. 

trust me.  this song is summer gold.  go get it! 


Holly said...

love gwen, love ND, always have, always will. this song rocks!!

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

So excited-the new song is amazing and so is Gwen, LOVE her.


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