Bridal Shower Basket

bridal showers are always such a fun festivity to attend.  they are full of happiness, laughter and love.  what more could you want?
they are also full of presents and if you are anything like me, i like to give a good, memorable present.  which is why i am sharing my latest go-to bridal shower prezzie. 
i like to go in with a girlfriend or two when giving a bridal present because it allows you way more options!  our last group gift consisted of a cute apron from anthropologie (with written expectations that she must prepare a meal for her hubby in it...naked), a his and her initial mug, some sort of cute shopping list, a fragrant kitchen appropriate candle (both of these smell incredible and are sure to tickle the hubby's senses), matching or coordinating pot holders, and a unique cookbook specific to cooking with love or just for two.
pick and choose from the items above based on your budget and throw them in a cute box with a darling card and you can be sure the bride (and her hubby) will be on cloud nine!

1 comment:

Holly said...

you are so thoughtful, how sweet and above and beyond just the typical presents on the registry!


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