Song of the Week: Hands on the Wheel

  i have to admit i have been a little late to the game in sharing this awesome song with you. refinery 29 shared an awesome mix back in march (download the entire list - so great) and i was excited to hear a familiar voice on the mix from lissie.  then the song mixed into a great number that i have been listening to non-stop since march.

"hands on the wheel" is my go to song for the gym, in the car, getting ready, you name it i am listening to it.  seeing as i was already a fan of the "pursuit of happiness" by kid cudi and the cover by lissie (not to mention the awesome remix by steve aoki) this song was destined for greatness with me. 

love it.  put your "hands on the wheel" folks, we have a whole entire week before the weekend again.

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