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forever young/cw with mrs. r/aperol spritzes/gongolo at hostario del picollo/forever young friends/insane sunset

estes park wedding/night clubbing it/hanging out on the porch
all in colorado

girlies at brick + mortar/rosenthal wine tasting/colorado rockies/sunday funday in hermosa/row 14 in denver

i am really working to try and share more pictures and life events. what's been happening lately in my life!  follow me on instagram (@lyndsylee)



ashley nicole catherine said...

such cute pics! looks like lots of fun summer festivities!!

Kristen said...

you and the bf are so cute! i love that orange dress on you!

Brettan said...

That coral/red dress worked out PERFECTLY, it looks so great on you! Big win L.

Lyndsy said...

thanks ladies! it has been a fun past few weeks!

and thanks for the compliments on the dress! $31! wearing it again this saturday - gotta love a dress that works out to $15.50 each wear.



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