Forever Frugal Friday ~ Splurge vs. Steal

this past week my gf christy was kind enough to loan me her adorable wildfox gold sparkle heart sweatshirt (in red) for my trip to denver.  it was the perfect travel top as it was super soft, roomy and yet subtly sexy.  we were traveling very early in the morning both flights and it was so great to just be able to throw it on with these leggings (post on those to come) and feel comfortable and cute. 

sadly i must return this cute top that i love so much and while i am very tempted to purchase my own, am not as tempted by the price tag.  so you can imagine my delight when i spotted this metallic heart fleece pullover for less than $20 at forever!  i think it is a definite must for my wardrobe and i think i will buy it one (possible two) sizes up for the extra room and slouchiness.  and i quite adore the robins egg blue with the gold. 


StyleIDnet said...

No way! fortunately you can give it back... everyting out there is about marketing, I love Forever, and H&M.
Cute mint color.

* Filomenas Closet *

Kristen said...

i tried that forever sweater on, but it was too short on me. super cute though! i love the color combo


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