Song of the Week: Glass Fingers

my friend and i were recently talking about back when we were younger and you would buy a cd and you listened to every single song on the album because they were all good. lately it seems as though i never want to purchase an entire album because only one or two songs are good.

  the albums that i will listen to all the way through are few and far between but they do exist (the xx, passion pit - manners, florence + the machine - lungs, foster the people - torches, just to name a few).

luckily, thanks to the music ninja i was introduced to the band shadows on stars  and theirs is an album i listen to completely through and then often times a second time - it's that good.  all of the songs on the album are fun and summery and i guess i love the band because they remind me of all of the bands listed above a little bit.

give them a listen above and i have a feeling you will be wanting the entire album just like i did!

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