Forever Frugal Friday

i recently picked up this iphone cover in gold from the jcrew outlet in palm springs and have received numerous compliments on it (surprisingly mostly from men?) and while i am seriously in love with it right now, i am always keeping my eye on what cover will replace it.  the only problem with constantly replacing your iphone cover is that these suckers don't run cheap!  thank goodness forever has jumped on the bandwagon and is carrying their own affordable trendy cases. 
i am a sucker for anything with hearts and am loving this metallic heart phone case.  ever since i saw design love fest's  gold chrome iphone case, i have lusted for my own, and this metallic case would work just fine.  lastly, looking ahead into spring, this ombre metallic case is just gorgeous. 
best part...they are all under $10!  they would make a great gift for your office secret santa or as a stocking stuffer!

1 comment:

Kristen said...

i love my iphone case, but i want more! you know, to change w my outfits/seasons


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